La NA­SA ini­cia el re­gre­so a la Luna

És­tas son co­sas im­por­tan­tes. Sí, se­ñor. Te­néis mu­cho más a la iz­quier­da, en «NA­SA-Ima­gen del día».

LRO and LCROSS Launch on Lu­nar Jour­ney
An Uni­ted Launch Allian­ce Atlas V roc­ket blasts off with NA­SA’s LRO/LRCOSS mis­sion from Spa­ce Launch Com­plex-41, Ca­pe Ca­na­ve­ral Air For­ce Sta­tion, Fla., at 5:32 p.m. EDT on Ju­ne 18, 2009. The mis­sion is ex­pec­ted to re­lay mo­re in­for­ma­tion about the lu­nar en­vi­ron­ment than any other pre­vious mis­sion to the moon.»

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